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Fotini Ltd.

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We are a Personal Brand Development and Style Consultancy Firm motivating growth and generating success by refining modern personal and professional brand stories with style, sophistication, and confidence.

We believe that everyone has a personal brand, and that consultation, development, and content are essential to achieving success in the modern world.

FOTINI Ltd. tailors its process to each client, leading them through a personalized growth and development process around their visual identity and style to discover and enhance their personal brand and ultimately to achieve greater confidence and success in the workplace and beyond.

Featured Services

Personal Brand Development

Fotini leads an exclusive set of clients through a one-on-one process of discovering and enhancing their personal and professional brands.

Professional Consulting

Fotini leads Refined Organizations through seminars and workshops about the essentials of personal branding that are key to success in the modern workplace.

Subscription Content

Fotini shares her in depth industry knowledge and experiences on how to curate and enhance one’s own brand for personal and professional success.

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Fotini Copeland

Personal Brand Development & Style Consultancy Firm, Keynote Speaker, Author & Fashion Design.


Fotini Copeland

Personal Brand Development & Style Consultancy Firm, Keynote Speaker, Author & Fashion Design.

As the founder and CEO of FOTINI ltd., Fotini advises organizations and individuals in the discovery and enhancement of their personal brand and visual representation with style, sophistication, and confidence. Fotini leverages her unparalleled knowledge in both business and fashion to motivate growth and generate success for her clients.

Her speeches, seminars, and corporate-sponsored events redefine content presentation while providing disciplines and methods of educating organizations and individuals on how to use fashion to improve their confidence leading to success. Fotini’s approach is collaborative and aims to complement and strengthen personal brands.

Fotini is also the founder of a New York-based fashion design house and luxury ready-to-wear brand that is renowned for its tailoring, timeless designs, and exquisite fabrics. Her label has been recognized for its excellence in design, with her brand worn by Kendall Jenner and one of her formal gowns chosen by Amy Poehler for the Met Gala, where she was selected as one of the best dressed.

Born in Athens, Greece, to a Greek mother and an Egyptian father, Fotini spent her earlier career in the corporate world at Merrill Lynch, Royal Trust Corporate Investments, The Molson Companies, and later as the Director of Corporate Communications at Ontario Store Fixtures. A natural and authentic conversationalist, Fotini is also the author of “Alterations In Life” a behind the scenes look at building a business and career, along with life’s lessons and adventures.